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I am looking for a reseller to meet my needs

Hi, I am looking for a reseller to meet my needs.

I am only having a reseller as a hobby (to learn), and to host my friend's portfolio.
And for future use, when I decide to host my client's website.
Basically, all very small websites that doesn't update very often.

Since it is not for profit.

- $10 (or slightly more) per month annually. (I can go up to $20, if the service is good)
- around 30 GB space (or less)
- Private nameserver
- Live support, or fast support ticket replies
- GREAT uptime *
* The uptime bit is the most important among all.

I'm looking at QHoster.com web hosting solutions. Are they reliable?
Any alternatives?


  • Among the major types of Web Hosting solutions, Reseller hosting is a one of the most liked hosting and preferred in the sub continent region and world wide too. It is actually a business opportunity given to the clients to use the allotted hard drive disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of the third party clients.

    The purpose of reselling is for website hosting. If you are in business and you have a website, you will need a server. You get a domain name and then start creating and developing websites using the hosting service. The reseller does not need to maintain the main website because he is only reselling the services for web hosting. The advantage of being a reseller is that you get to earn profits without having to deal with lots of technical issues.

    Overall, reseller hosting is great for small businesses or even individuals who intend to generate online profit through the web hosting business. Fortunately, the amount of effort required for resellers to set up this business has been greatly reduced by the ready-made hosting packages and website templates offered by hosting providers. This enables resellers to immediately launch their business without too much start-up hassle and effort. Considering that the market for web hosting is huge, there will be no shortage of demand and there are always opportunities for you in this business.
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  • I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.

    I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service.

    Deff recommend QHoster.com website hosting!

  • My VPS is very quick. I highly recommend these guys! I've been with QHoster.com for over a year now and I'm very happy to report that I have had absolutely no problems with them or their service, whatsoever.

  • In reseller website hosting, the real web hosts are capable to generate the bulk business as well as delegate the clients for reselling the servers. In return, the reseller hosting business looks after the needs of the individual clients. This is thus a win-win condition for both as the real hosts will get the intermediary in form of the reseller hosting to individual clients without attending to them by chance. Reseller is even capable to put up the business and enjoy great income without a need to shell out the capital outlays. Even though in many instances they compete with one another for getting a good share of web hosting field, the web hosts can benefit from the set up taking in mind that they charge some amount from the resellers.

    The Benefits of Reseller Hosting

    1. Reseller hosting offers you room to develop and grow, especially when you have multiple sites with plenty of traffic. You will get more features and enough space to handle it all without having to use different servers or URLs to do so. With a reseller hosting, you simply allocate space without the need to purchase additional plans.

    2. It offers more features compared to standard hosting packages. The control panel is designed powerful and easy to manage the site effectively.

    3. It is cost effective in the sense that you get dedicated server features at no additional cost. It is also cheaper to run sites simultaneously with a reseller plan than separate hosting plans for every site.

    Reseller hosting packages can be really helpful for any business person, especially when they are getting it from reliable and reputable web hosting firms. Consider all your options before choosing a provider and a package that will suit all your needs.
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  • cirrushostingcirrushosting Member, Provider

    Reseller hosting is stress-free than other web hosting platforms, in the sense that, it is less technical. The primary work of the reseller's is to connect and interact with the clients but all technical and infrastructural problems are undertook by the data center administrator and the server provider. The crux of the reseller web hosting is the skill to advertise and market a site or a product online. Though the returns are a bit slow, slowly the reseller hosting service business makes the profits, since hosting is a pre requisite to continue in the cyber age today.

    There are numerous advantages of reseller web services. The price involved in this host set up is smaller than other shared hosting services. The best part is the high rate of inventory that a reseller web host gets. The reseller web service makes it more flexible than additional shared hosting forums. There is ample time to deliberate on other work, rather than remaining glued to the same host service. This flexibility automatically leads to improved management of more websites and in turn, leads to a solid client base.

    Before deciding on selecting the reseller web hosting service as a business option, it is suggested that one weighs all pros and cons. There is no set formula to help one select the perfect reseller service. However, reputation on the web and the history of a certain company are the best ways to judge what is best. Proper research takes one a long way before setting up a serious enterprise with the reseller hosting services.

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    As we know the bodHOST is an excellent option for reselling high-quality, managed hosting. With bodHOST, you can fully customize your plans and offer your customers a choice of cPanel. 
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    Features include:

    Free control panel migration
    Advanced security scans
    SSD storage
    Free SSL certificates
    Expert reseller support
  • SensosourSensosour Member, Provider
    I think you have been recommended enough options. So you have something to choose from. In turn, I can recommend using the monitoring service https://www.host-tracker.com/ This way you can control the quality of the server.
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